This is our favorite part. The look on a clients face when they see their refinished, re-painted item for the first time. We often hear “wow that’s better than the original!” or “that’s exactly what I was hoping for!” or my favorite, “I had no idea how they were going to look, I love it!”

We can try to realize your dream and color choices or you can just let us have at it. We are able to help with colors and their arrangements. Our staff in Kelowna is knowledgeable in all forms of stains and paints. We also work closely with designers and paint store professionals to find you the best paints and processes possible.

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we treat your stuff with respect

When required the spray booth comes to you, anywhere in Kelowna. We can spray items like your kitchen island or your living rooms built in shelving.
We separate the rooms by hanging plastic drop sheets to the floor. We mask off the surrounding area and install airflow and vents. Afterwards, any remaining dust sweeps up easily and since all our paints are low VOC, their is no smells or harmful fumes left behind.

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