Kelowna! Why Go New When You Can Re-Do?

The Spray Booth is calling all environmental warriors out there! While shopping until you drop can be fun (or dreadfully annoying for others), revamping something old with a fresh coat of paint is way more fun and satisfying than purchasing new all the time. Release your inner creativity and take pride putting your personal spin on your most cherished accessories.

Affordable Interior and Exterior Design Solutions for all in Kelowna.

Whether it’s time to overhaul your living room, outdoor patio, bedroom, kitchen or front porch; the Spray Booth has you covered. We can help you infuse your personality into a variety of household and yard items by blasting them with a fresh, durable coat of paint. The possibilities are exponential!

Recently Re-Done Items at The Spray Booth in Kelowna Include:

*brass and wooden bed frames

*futon frames

*end tables

*wicker patio furniture

*woven baskets

*shelving and storage units

*bedside lamps

*garden lanterns

*staircase banisters

*fireplace mantles

*lighting fixtures

*ornate mirrors

*curio cabinets

*hutches/China cabinets

*TV and speaker stands

*tables and chairs

*bar stools

*garden plant pots and decor

*metal and wooden garden trellis’

Warning…The Spray Booth Can Become Highly Addictive

Our fast, friendly and reliable service and unbelievably stunning results will have you coming back for more. Match what you have or start a fresh palette of shades. Energize with bold and bright shades or tone it down a notch and explore your favourite neutral tones that will match the Kelowna landscape. Either way…we can think of plenty of worse things to become addicted to!

Those Sentimental Gifts

We all have those favourite items that have begun to show their age. Perhaps your specialty item has been passed down for generations. Maybe you discovered someone else’s junk is truly your treasure. Renew your beloved with help from The Spray Booth. We can help you defy the signs of aging and breathe years of new life into an old favourite. Updating your piece to give as a sentimental gift is a thoughtful way to save the planet and show someone you care in more ways than one.

Marked Up Pricing and Big Box Stores

The issue with purchasing from a well known store is simple: everyone else has the exact same item! Stay true to your unique design style. Refuse to conform. Keep it real and make it yours…personalizing your favourite household items has never been so fast or easy!

Leave the Mess With Us

One of the best benefits of using The Spray Booth to handle your creative overhaul is that you don’t have to mask, tape, run to the store for supplies, gear up your spray gun or deal with the clean up afterwards. How many times has a simple DIY project, estimated to take a few hours tops, eaten away your entire weekend? Your time and energy can be better spent elsewhere, like enjoying the Kelowna sunshine, Okanagan trails or spend time with your family in West Kelowna. We are equipped, prepared and organized to complete your upcoming painting projects efficiently and enthusiastically! Give us a call today to discuss your next artsy overhaul.

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