The Spray Booth: Unique & Personalized Gifts from Kelowna’s Paint Shop

Looking for some unique and exciting gift ideas this holiday or any season? The Spray Booth by Kelowna’s Paint Shop can offer you some lasting, useful and colourful gift solutions. Why not surprise Mom or your spouse with a gift certificate for a kitchen upgrade? Brian and his team of professional Restoration Specialists can help you transform the most mundane kitchen into a mind-blowing discovery! Imagine the look on your family’s face when they realize that they will be starting the New Year with a fresh, sleek kitchen minus the costly renovations!

Repaint Your Kitchen Cabinetry and Increase Your Entertaining Quotient

Always wanted a high-end, glamorous kitchen without the expensive price tag? The Spray Booth in Kelowna can deliver and save you tons of cash in the process. Our hard-working crew can have you cooking in your refreshed kitchen in no time. We have a variety of price points and options available. Customize your colour palette and enjoy a bodacious new colour scheme or interject some calm serenity with a neutral palette. Enjoy your most precious room in your home like never before with a little help from The Spray Booth by Kelowna’s Paint Shop!

Kitchen Cabinet Revitalization: Complete Spray Designs or Re-staining Available

Imagine what newly painted kitchen cabinetry could do for your home and your resale value. If you are looking to refresh a rental suite or enjoy the hearth of your home more, consider having your kitchen cabinets repainted from Kelowna’s favourite repainting team, The Spray Booth. Our friendly crew can remove your cabinet doors, sand them, repaint and seal them AND reinstall the finished product. Areas unable to be removed and require being sprayed in your home will be properly masked and taped off. Our low VOC paints ensure that no hideous fumes or dangerous side effects factor into the process.

Pinterest Sensation of Half Painted Kitchens

Perhaps you prefer to spray the upper or lower kitchen cabinet portion only. This is a wonderful option for those who are on a tighter budget. Bring us your favourite inspiration photos on your cell phone during your consultation or snippets from your number one renovation resource. We can help you realize the kitchen transformation you’ve been waiting for without breaking the bank!

The Spray Booth | Kelowna Paint Shop | Repaint Refinish Half Kitchen Cabinets

Overhauling Garage Sale Treasures & Trinkets

Don’t forget to accessorize your newly painted and organized kitchen! The Spray Booth is your unique gift headquarters any time of year. Repurpose those chipped and cracked items with a fresh blast of protective paint. Re-gift family heirlooms in style by adding a blast of colour and sealing in some eye-catching details for years to come. Unique and personalized kitchen upgrades include:

  • Ornate Candle Holders, Candelabras
  • Embellished Mirrors
  • Spice Racks, Kitchen Aid Mixers
  • Kitchen Appliances (have you seen brightly coloured appliances yet?!)
  • Light Fixtures
  • Kitchen Islands
  • Cement Flooring
  • Bar-Stools, Kitchen Tables & Chairs

We Can Even Update Your Damaged Appliances

Did you know that it’s possible (and completely AWESOME) to repaint your refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and fume hood?! If your kitchen appliances are still in excellent working order but a tad shoddy to look at…The Spray Booth has solutions!

The Spray Booth | Kelowna Paint Shop | Repaint Kitchen Appliances

Call The Spray Booth in Kelowna today to get a quote on customizing your kitchen cabinets, appliances and everything in between!

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