Refinishing and Repainting Your Kelowna Retro Cabinets

Kelowna You Can Upgrade Your Kitchen Without Upgrading Your Debt!

Adding colour to your world is just one of the ways The Spray Booth can help you successfully attain your kitchen makeover dreams. If boring white or wooden cabinets are not reflecting your true personality, consider adding updating with your favourite shade. Personalize your kitchen so you look forward to cooking and entertaining. If you have fallen into a rut of ordering in and eating on the couch…it might be time to give us a call! Kitchen renos in Kelwona are traditionally one of the most expensive to conduct within your home; although, The Spray Booth specializes in significantly helping your reduce costs.

Rip Off Those Unsightly Cupboard Doors and Repaint

Redoing your kitchen cupboards is one of the hottest projects people ask for help with at The Spray Booth. The possibilities are vast and the results are spectacular. What if your cupboards are simply too damaged? Of course, real wood cabinetry looks even more rustic with dings and scratches; however, particle board can only go so far.

Consider Open Cabinets

Damaged cabinetry doesn’t have to get you down. Open cupboards are a sleek and stylish way to completely transform your kitchen. Painting out the inside shelving can be done with contrasting colours or monotone white (or enter your favourite colour here). Besides, you will be able to finally appreciate Great Aunt Hilda’s tea set when you can actually see it!

Funky Lighting: Adding Personality and Function in Your Kitchen and Dining Area

Have you been light fixture shopping lately? It’s quite shocking to see the price tag on even the most basic kitchen and dining fixtures. Perhaps you are currently stuck with some lovely brass fixtures reminiscent of the 1980s trends in Kelowna. Instead of sending every accessory to the landfill or over to Restore…why not visualize a funky coat of paint? If bright and lively isn’t really your thing, no problem. Brushed nickel, chrome, or traditional black and white are great options for making your current fixtures look brand new.

Incorporate Rustic Elements into your View of the Okanagan.

Country-chic kitchens have been all the rage since forever. If you’re not a country bumpkin at heart, don’t fret. Rustic elements are suitable for any decor: Eco and Green, Orchard Savvy and Farmers’ Market Friendly design inspiration can all benefit from some strategically painted items. Instantly add character and comfort to your kitchen by adding some or one of the following:

*old barn door pantry

*DIY beadboard panelling refrigerator cover

*rustic window frame wall art (hang alone or add some chalkboard paint where the glass used to live

*transform an ancient desk into your telephone/laptop station

*wicker baskets

*painted dried flowers from your garden

*elaborate candelabra kitchen table centerpiece

*antique bar stools or kitchen stool

*woven trays

Hardware Makeover: Save Yourself Loads of Cash

“We’ll just purchase some new hardware,” is a common reaction to an outdated kitchen. That is, until you visit the store and start doing the math. Even though a variety of handles are available under ten dollars, the amount of hardware the kitchen typically requires leaves you with an astronomical bill. Don’t forget, changing handles completely may leave you with hours of wood putty filling holes if re-drilling or repositioning your handles is necessary. Suddenly, this simple job became super expensive and time consuming.

The Spray Booth in Kelowna can provide you with an easy and equally effective transformation. We can sandblast your handles if necessary to remove grease and old finishes. This enables your chosen paint colour to adhere correctly and last.


Kelowna you can Eliminate Kitchen Clutter Once and For All

How many times have you passed by a cute hutch or shelving unit because it looked like it was going to require at least a weekend of full out sanding/prepping/painting/sealing to even make this piece functional? Oftentimes, we pass up the perfect one-of-a-kind pieces because that voice in the back of our brain reminds us that we don’t have the time, energy or product knowledge to create our desired effect.

Well, thanks to The Spray Booth in Kelowna, you don’t have to pass by those perfect pieces any longer! Simply arrange to drop off your unique kitchen storage concept and let’s get creative! We will handle all the mess and call you when everything is dry and ready to be the latest addition to your warm new kitchen! If you don’t have room for a standalone item; consider painting out traditional, flat shelves and adding some fun metal brackets instead.

We are excited to hear about your latest project and look forward to helping you potentially save thousands of dollars by creatively reusing what you currently have!

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