Kelowna’s Grimy Bathroom Repainting Tips from The Spray Booth

The Spray Booth by Kelowna’s Paint Shop has your back when it comes to updating your unflattering bathroom, ensuite or master bath. We know it is one of the tiniest rooms in the house; however, that’s part of the reason why it’s so fun to refinish! Whether you prefer to create a luxurious spa oasis or desire a retro, funky vibe; our talented Restoration Experts can help you transform your bathroom.

Repainting Instantly Refreshes Your Bathroom

Let’s be real…bathrooms are not one of the most sanitary spaces in our homes. Weekly cleanings do not justify the private daily shenanigans that occur in there. The Spray Booth in Kelowna relies on the best paint products on the market to ensure that every step from your prep work (cleaning, filling, sanding, taping etc.) to completion is easy to cleanse and will stand the test of time. Knowing which products to utilize and how to apply them correctly is the foundation for any successful renovation…especially when painting is involved! DIY-savvy and clients alike can benefit from the following tips to refresh & revitalize their commode.

Tip 1: Get Inspired

Kelowna's Grimy Bathroom Repaint Tips | The Spray BoothWhat kind of look are you going for? Will your new bathroom be bold and wakeful or serene and peaceful? Jumping in blindly or spontaneously may not leave every family member on the same page. Do some research and think about what colours you are naturally drawn to.

Tip 2: De-Grime

While it can be tempting to give the walls a quick wipe and throw on your fresh coat of paint, this method will guarantee your love affair with your new bathroom will be short-lived. The amount of hairspray, toiletries, perfume, cosmetic residue, mouthwash splatters and hair (TONS of HAIR!) on your bathroom walls and fixtures is gross but common. All of these chemical remnants, particles and cement-like toothpaste bits must be correctly removed to ensure your new primer and paint adhere evenly and flawlessly. Nothing wrecks a great paint job like prepping in a hurry and cutting corners. Special wall-washing solutions such as TSP cut through the lipstick smears and leave your walls ready for the next step. Don’t forget to scrub your base boards (an old toothbrush works great for this).

Tip 3: Wall & Ceiling Preparation
(and Doors, Moulding, Mirrors etc.)

Kelowna's Grimy Bathroom Repaint Tips | The Spray BoothIf the ceiling is yellow or water-stained and requires repainting, start here first. This can prevent any spatter or drips from destroying your freshly painted walls, vanity, cabinets, etc. Clean walls need filling and sanding for any holes from picture hooks, drywall gouges etc. prior to painting. Use a screwdriver to remove wall plates and electrical covers and place somewhere safe. Take your time taping the roof, walls, baseboards, sink, mirror, medicine cabinet etc. to ensure straight edges, or hire our friendly and professional crew to do all of this instead!

Tip 4: Vanity Make-Over

Re-staining and repainting kitchen, bathroom and garage cabinets is one of our specialties at the Kelowna Paint Shop. While you can go out and spend thousands of dollars on a new bathroom vanity, The Spray Booth wants you to know that you simply don’t have to. We are happy to remove all of your bathroom drawers and cabinetry to refinish on your behalf. Our convenient pick-up service means that we can uninstall and remove, then deliver and reinstall once complete! Or, simply schedule a drop-off and bring us your items. Your house will be so much cleaner if you leave the sanding and prepping to us!

Tip 5: Repaint Your Existing Hardware

Kelowna's Grimy Bathroom Repaint Tips | The Spray BoothUpgrading your hardware can initially seem like no big deal. A few nice new handles can help you achieve a completely new look. However, hardware prices are expensive. We can sandblast and refinish your existing cabinet pulls. Adding a different colour or texture can instantly transform your current hardware and save you tons of cash. Check your cabinet door hinges as well in case you want to match them at the same time.

Free Estimates from The Spray Booth

Kelowna’s favourite paint refinishing crew wants to hear from you! Email, text or call us and we will be happy to give you an estimate. Start your New Year fresh with a bathroom makeover that reflects your personality and style.

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