Kelowna Painter: New Year, New You, New Colour!

Use Colour from Kelowna’s Paint Shop in Your Home to Your Advantage.

What’s on your list of things to accomplish in the New Year? Get in shape and be healthy? Earn that promotion or start a new business? Renovate your kitchen? Typically, our New Year resolutions revolve around bettering ourselves or our standard of living in some shape or form. Many people set out with the best intention, but struggle early on.

If your goal is to get fit, but your home gym is dark and depressing, then its working against you! If you’ve planned on upgrading your kitchen cabinets for years, but have been crippled by the overwhelming thought of this DIY project… fear not! It’s nothing a well done paint job by The Spray Booth in Kelowna can’t fix. Whether your resolutions involve renovating or not, you’d be surprised by what a little colour can do for your mood, behaviour and stress levels.

Did you know you can use colour to your advantage?

The Spray Booth | Kelowna Paint Shop | New Year, New You, New Colour | GreenYou spend a lot of your time in your home, whether its relaxing with your family, hosting guests, or pursuing a home based business or workout plan. The colours around your home can influence your mood and productivity. A no-brainer is to have the rooms of your home be visually pleasing to you (as opposed to not). Purchasing new furniture or undergoing major renovations can be expensive, but this isn’t the only option. Repainting and refinishing your current kitchen cabinets, dressers, walls, or furniture can easily upgrade the look of a room – and with the use of colour it can upgrade your mood too!

The psychology of colours typically outlines that warm colours (red, orange, yellow) evoke feelings of warmth to anger, while cool colours (blue, purple, green) evoke feelings of tranquility to sadness. Take a look at the colour swatch you’re considering, what’s your initial emotion? Experts have found that while colour can influence how we feel and even act, these effects vary due to personal, cultural, and situational factors.

Based on the research of Leatrice Eiseman, Colour Specialist, there are generalities to be made on the influence of different colours. For example, green is restful for the eyes and is a good colour to use as your computer desktop background or in your office space where productivity is important. Blue is a calming colour – repaint your bathroom cabinets blue for a relaxing environment. Orange, on the other hand, is the colour of stimulation. Wear orange for your next workout or have The Spray Booth paint an orange feature wall in your home gym.

Start taking note of how colour influences your mood. When you’re visiting and spa or restaurant, what colours surround you? Do you like how they make you feel? The Spray Booth in Kelowna can re-paint almost anything in your home with luxury paints in a wide variety of colours. Eliminate the distractions in your home and set yourself up for success when it comes to that New Year’s resolution of losing 10 pounds or increasing your commissions at work. Colour can be influential on your mood – and of course living in a beautiful space can’t hurt too!

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