Increase the Value of Your Okanagan Home with The Spray Booth

If you’re considering selling your home, you probably know it’s in your best interest to get it ready for sale. But what does that entail?  You’re trying to balance the amount of money and effort you put in with what you can potentially get out. Don’t gut the whole place and start fresh as you might end up losing profit and wasting time and energy. Instead ask yourself, what updates will make a significant impact as a potential buyer is walking through my home?

Our solution is custom, high quality, refinishing and repainting by Kelowna’s favourite painter, The Spray Booth.


Start with Your Kitchen

The Kitchen is often referred to as “the heart of the home”, and can make or break an offer or sale. By updating the look and feel of your Kitchen you can significantly raise the overall value of your home – but beware of breaking the bank.  Replacing the cabinetry and appliances will update the look of your kitchen, but is it worth the cost?

“Rather than spring for a whole new cabinet system, which can be expensive, look into hiring a refacing company,” says serial remodeler Gwen Moran, co-author of “Build Your Own Home on a Shoestring.”

The Spray Booth allows you to renovate your kitchen without the high cost or time spent. Repainting and refinishing your kitchen cabinets with The Spray Booth costs $2100 on average, whereas replacing all your cabinets can cost upwards of $6000! We can paint and re-finish your kitchen cabinets, furniture, and your appliances, updating the look of the entire kitchen. Matching appliances give your kitchen a cohesive look, which buyers notice. Let us transform your Kelowna kitchen to fresh and new in no time. You won’t have to live without your kitchen for weeks like a traditional renovation, which also saves you money from eating out or staying at a hotel.

Increase the Value of Your Okanagan Home | Kelowna Painter | The Spray Booth
Increase the Value of Your Okanagan Home | Kelowna Painter | The Spray Booth

Spray Paint Looks Great Anywhere!

Our spray paint solutions look great and are more versatile than you may assume. We can enhance the look of more than just your kitchen hardware. Fresh paint can take a bathroom from grimy to vibrant or a foyer from dull to welcoming! What about your baseboards, hand railings, or doors? These can look worn overtime, but with a quick spray they’ll look brand new! Consult with The Spray Booth on how to renovate your space without starting from scratch.

Don’t forget about the very first impression your home makes – the front door! You don’t want your buyers to be influenced negatively prior to even entering your home.

“Front doors can, funnily enough, make all the difference for a viewer. It should go without saying that a front door should look fresh and clean. However, colours matter too. Viewers tend to favour deeper shades of neutral colours.” – Francesca Marchesini-Ashley, of

Kelowna’s go-to paint shop, The Spray Booth, can give your front door the facelift it needs to make the best first impression possible… and for only $125!


Affordable, Quick & Convenient

The Spray Booth in Kelowna is an affordable, quick and convenient alternative to complete renovations. Our refinishing and repainting solutions allow you to increase the value of your home without the high cost of purchasing brand new and without the headache. Our interior painting starts at just $2.50/square-foot. We prep every space with drop sheets and tape to ensure a top-quality outcome with no damage to the rest of your home.  No need to worry about dings in the walls while carrying in those new appliances or whether investing in all new cabinetry was really worth it for resale, instead get a quote from The Spray Booth.

Call Kelowna’s trusted paint shop at 250.869.7975 to increase the value of your home today

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