Awesome Armoires and Snazzy Storage Solutions

Upcycling unused furniture you already have into snazzy storage solutions can be a fun and creative process. The Spray Booth in Kelowna can help you seal in some fresh colour and get you excited about customizing and repurposing! The above pantry is practical and stylish. Say goodbye to your overcrowded spice rack. Put extra shelving into your existing underused armoire. Remove bottom doors and replace with spacious baskets. Keep all of your baking and breakfast items easily accessible with this snazzy storage solution.

Optimizing Organization

A clean room is a calm room. Piles of clutter, mail, paperwork and miscellanous items everywhere you look can sap your energy, according to ancient Feng Shui. Analyze which areas in your home could benefit from extra storage. Next, walk room to room and determine if you are utilizing each furniture piece adequately. Think about the tidy possibilities that would follow repurposing and relocating certain pieces. Finally, roll up your sleeves and call The Spray Booth 😉

Letting Go of Limits

If you think that “a bedroom armoire can only stay in a bedroom,” you are drastically limiting your potential. Try removing dresser drawers, taking the doors off of the armoire’s hinges and changing the entire silhouette. Add new hardware or remove it altogether. Congratulations…you just customized a piece of storage furniture and simplified your life!

Let Us Paint It For You Or Prep It For DIY

Once you have the bones of your project sorted out, it’s time to drop it off with us or arrange for us to come and pick it up. The Spray Booth in Kelowna is happy to infuse your piece with vibrant shade or keep it neutral. Custom colour blending is an option or bring in your favourite product that you are trying to match. We are flexible and just as excited as you to transform and recycle. Our talented Restoration Specialists can complete your project for you and call you when it is ready for pick up. Alternatively, DIY fans with zero prep time can opt to have us get your item sanded or stripped, filled and ready for pick up for those who wish to apply the finishing touches themselves.

Old Headboards = Great Benches w/ Hidden Storage

If you have recently updated your bedroom furniture, you may have your old headboard kicking in the basement or garage; gathering dust. Attach it to the studs in your front entrance and add a seat with built-in storage…Voila! You’ve just solved that annoying mountain of kids’ shoes at the front door and simultaneously created a sleek shoelace bench. You are seriously on a roll now…way to go! The Spray Booth strives to help you love every inch of your home. We’d love to add some fresh colour to your favourite furniture pieces and maximize your storage solutions!

Common Clutter Areas




*Kitchen Counter/Newspapers/Mail/Cooking Devices

*Under Kitchen/Bathroom Sink

*Broom Closet

*Night Tables in Master bedroom


*Laundry Room


*Outdoor Shed

Outdoor Storage Solutions

Remember all those drawers you pulled out of the armoires listed above? These make wicked succulent planter boxes that you can stack and enjoy. Succulents thrive in the Okanagan and instantly add a punch of colour to any landscape. This awesome idea is perfect for patio gardens and condo balconies; however, it would look great under a pagoda on a spacious deck as well. Get creative and repurpose with help from The Spray Booth in Kelowna.

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