A Kelowna guide to Repainting kitchen cabinets

Refinishing Your Retro: Simple Cabinetry Updates in Kelowna

The astronomical cost of new cabinets in Kelowna can often deflate your enthusiasm about your upcoming renovation. Instead of putting your updating on hold, you might be able to conveniently reuse what you already have. Whether you are re-paint your cabinetry in your kitchen, bathroom or garage, The Spray Booth in Kelowna can happily offer you an affordable solution!

Refinishing your cabinets can make them look and feel brand new at a fraction of the cost you would pay a designer or a supplier here in Kelowna. Jazz up your surroundings easily and efficiently with our comprehensive services. You will save so much money by refinishing your existing cabinets that you will be able to splurge on additional accessories, storage or appliances to complete your new look.

Boldly Tackle Your Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is one of those household rooms that can handle a healthy dose of vibrant colour. As a standalone unique space, your bathroom can be as funky or as neutral as you desire. Update your existing vanity with a blast of freshness and transform your oasis for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. Alternatively, you may prefer to custom build your own vanity or find one second hand that is the right dimensions and style you are seeking. The Spray Booth specializes in helping you personalize your space. After all, shouldn’t your home be as polished as you are?

Medicine Cabinets, Mirrors and Storage Shelves

When you are refinishing your bathroom cabinets, look around for additional items to spray in order to achieve a cohesive look. Everyone needs a relaxing and rejuvenating place to start and end their day. Your bathroom and kitchen are among the top locations to focus on when it comes to increasing your property value. Choose a colour that your find soothing and serene to create your home spa. Conversely, choosing bold and bright accents will get you pumped up and ready to tackle your day.

Modernizing Your Man-Cave

Organized efficiency can transform your garage from being a dysfunctional “dumping zone” to an exceptionally cool place to hang out. Finishing projects is much easier and more enjoyable when everything has a place. Re-purposing cabinets, bookcases, wardrobes and shelving from other locations within your home is a great way to maximize garage storage. The Spray Booth can help you personalize your space by refinishing your items with a protective and attractive coat of paint. Re-use what you already have and let us help you put a new twist on items that are currently not being utilized to their fullest potential.

Open Cabinet Upgrade

If you love to surround yourself with lots of colourful energy, open shelving is a fun avenue to explore. This technique looks especially awesome when you use a mixture of complimentary shades. These shelving units are simple enough for the weekend carpenter to construct or can be found almost everywhere. The Spray Booth can save you time and money by prepping and painting on your behalf. Simplify your storage and show off you favourite items against a bold backdrop of colour just like the landscape in kelowna.

Practical Beauty, Kelowna inspired.

Shelving and storage items can be a quick and easy addition to any kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or garage. Simplify your life and save tons of time by knowing where everything is located in each room of your home. The Spray Booth makes feng shuiing fun! Contact The Spray Booth in Kelowna today and let’s get creative!

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